Photo Shoot Preparation Guide

Thank you so much for booking a portrait session with us. We are thrilled that you have chosen us to be your portrait photographer and we can’t wait to take some of the best pictures of you have ever seen!

This Preparation Guide explains you how you can get most out of your upcoming photo shoot. While you could simply skip all of this information, we do encourage everyone taking part to read this guide from start to finish. We have tried to make this document as easy to read and understand with lots of image examples. So let’s get started!

Choosing Clothes Rule 1.

Choose Well Fitting Clothes

As photographers we can easily pose you in a way that you will look absolutely stunning but we cannot change the fit of your clothes. We all look at our best when we wear well fitting clothes and for your photo shoot you should only bring clothes that fit like they were tailored for you. 

Baggy shirts & pants will NOT make you look good!

If you decide to wear a suit, blazer or sports jacket, make sure it fits well.

Choosing Clothes Rule 2.

New Always Trumps The Old

Can you recall that moment when you purchased that brand new shirt or jeans and wore it for the first time? You not only felt very handsome but also super confident too. And this is the second key to great portraits. The newer your clothes are, the better they will generally photograph. This is why all of those models you see in magazines and posters always wear brand new clothing. 

While we never force anyone to buy new clothes just for a single portrait session, you might like to consider buying some new clothes if your wardrobe is lacking some good looking options. Remember a classic white shirt should look white and not like magnolia.

Choosing Clothes Rule 3.

Dress to Impress

If we could only give you one piece of advice for your upcoming photo shoot with us it would be “dress to impress”. Think of those days when you were heading out with friends to have some great time in a more upscale venue. If your goal is to dress to impress then you are often on the right track as ultimately photo shoot is about capturing the most handsome version of you and your partner. 

Since this photo shoot is all about you, you will get to choose what kind of images you want to do. The images could be more formal (e.g. suit), trendy or something that links more towards your lifestyle. Like for example if you are a big fan of sports, some of the images could have more Men’s Health style outlook.


Action Steps To Take Next

A Successful Photo Shoot is Never an Accident

To get you started with the clothing we suggest you to do following steps:

  1. Analyse your wardrobe and try on clothes you might like to wear on the day of your photo shoot. Pay extra attention to how they fit – if they make you look larger than you really are, you should NOT bring those to your photo shoot. 
  2. While you can do the whole photo shoot with just one outfit combination, we do suggest bringing three (3) outfit combinations with you. We can always mix and match different clothes  on the day and create combinations that you might have never even thought of.
  3. When it comes to choosing clothes for you and your partner keep colours more neutral and toned down. Clothes with big branding and bright colours rarely create timeless portraits.
  4. Use the Clothing Cheat Sheet below to think of different outfit combinations you could create. Often we forget that with smaller items or garments we could easily elevate your look to the next level.

Wardrobe & Accessories

Cheat Sheet #1

Do's and Don't's

Cheat Sheet #2
  • No spray tans or sunbed treatments prior to the photo shoot in order to avoid redness. Ideally, these treatments should be done at least a week before the shoot.

  • Any waxing or body hair trimming/shavings should be done a minimum of 7 days before the shoot so that the skin has enough time to heal. 

  • As tempting it might be please don’t try to get rid of any unwanted spots (pimples etc.) at the last minute as these can be easily removed in Photoshop. You trying to get rid of them at the last minute can make them worse and dent you confidence. So leave them alone! 

  • If you have facial hair, make sure it is neat, shaped and trimmed to perfection on the day before your photo shoot. Only apply light shave/trim on the day of your photo shoot to avoid any redness.

  • I cannot fix wrinkles on shirts in Photoshop, so iron all of your clothes in advance so that they are all crease free. Please pack everything well for the duration of your transport or you have just made the whole ironing process pointless.

  • Some might consider this next advice a bit weird, but I would strongly encourage you to get your eyebrows threaded/shaped before your photo shoot. This simple grooming act will instantly improve your facial features by 10x – You honestly have to do it once to believe it! You either can do this by yourself with the use of tweezers or by visiting a salon to have it professionally done for a cost of coffee.

  • Finally please do your best to arrive to the photo shoot well groomed and looking at your best since that really saves more time for the actual photo shoot!

“If you Dress To Impress and make sure your clothes fit well, then there’s no way you can fail a photo shoot with me!” -JP Harrow

Need Additional Help or Have Questions?

If you need any additional help or have any questions just email us at or call us at 020 7205 4054 and we will get back to you shortly! We are looking forwards doing this photo shoot with you!

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