Our Fine Art Products

Everything 100% Future Proof!!

Portraits for Your Home

At JP Harrow Portraits we strongly believe that the best way to showcase your images is in physical form. When people ask for their images to be stored on a CD or memory stick, they will eventually be unable to open and view the photographs due to advancements in technology. At JP Harrow Portraits we care about you too much to allow you to invest in technologies that will eventually become obsolete. Having your images professionally turned into a stunning piece of wall art, a contemporary coffee table book or image box will guarantee that your images will last a lifetime and beyond. 

Modern Portfolio Boxes

Our elegant Portfolio Boxes can store up to 16 mounted images of your choice. Customisation options include box engraving and metallic gloss and matt finishes.

Signature & Legacy Books

Stunning, Elegant, Modern and Luxurious! These are just some of the words men have used to describe our fine art books when they first hold them in their hands. Our Signature and Legacy books are hand-crafted in Italy and you cannot help but notice the level of skill and detail that has gone into creating them. Finishing options include steel, leather and fabric with custom engravings. Each album is unique to you.

Modern Image Trifolds

Our image trifold represents a unique way to display three of your favourite images in a luxurious and tactile foldout. You can select from over twenty different finishes and three different sizes. Place one of these over your fireplace or give as gifts for your friends and family. Image trifolds are also easy to fold to a size of book and store on your bookshelf.

Contemporary Wall Art

When it comes to wall art we have carefully selected our products to complement the style and aesthetics of our photography. Our frames range from metallic to matte finishes and are designed to make a statement in any room once they are installed.

One of our most popular finishes is a made-to-measure aluminium print, with size options stretching up to 60 inches. Regardless of how your home is decorated, we can fully design your chosen wall art to complement your existing decor. We even do real-time visualisations of wall art at our client’s homes, which means you will know exactly what size is the perfect fit for your chosen wall.